Preparing for the Camera

Remember that light colors "advance (add pounds)" and dark colors "diminish". Solid colors or vary simple patterns are best. Bold patterns and stripes dominate a portrait, taking attention away from the face; also can make you look pale. Long sleeves are more flattering than bare arms. Especially bright colors, such as red, orange, lime green, can ruin a portrait because the bold color overwhelms the face. Keep it simple, co-ordinate clothes with your eye color and hair color first, we'll choose an appropriate background

Business Portraits:
We encourage you to bring at least one additional clothing selection for variety. Try to avoid clothing that looks too seasonal, as your business portrait will be used year-round. We suggest that you style your hair in your usual manor and avoid experimental hairstyles. Gentlemen, a week-old haircut looks best; arrive at the studio freshly shaven. Ladies, watch out for padded shoulders; they could look exaggerated in a head-and-shoulders pose. Bring extra clothing items, blouse, sweater, blazer and jewelry for variety. Be sure that the photographer understands your company's special requirements, if any.

Morning sessions are best! First, let's decide what you'd like to capture in your child's portrait.. Then we can select backgrounds, clothing, favorite toys, needed. Children are more comfortable in the studio with something brought from home. Children must know that the photo session is fun to do; Mr. Rick is funny and likes to hear silly stories. Offering a reward like "we'll go to McDonalds if you be good"....may imply that the photo session may an unpleasant chore ....what could be further from the truth?

Planning is key! Getting everyone to the same place at the same time takes plenty of effort (Bless you, Mom!) Contact the photographer and tell us your preferences. What is the purpose of this portrait? Who is the recipient? Options...lots of options......In studio: dressed-up with a formal background? or jeans and sneakers with a white background? How about outdoors?--at home or at a location that has special meaning to your family? Choose clothing that gives your family a unified (not uniform) look. Your personality as a family is more important than that of one individual. Choose clothing as if everyone's clothes will be worn by one person. Avoid alternating light-dark tones. Try to select all warm or all cool colors. Black sweaters and a black background in a black and white portrait can be very dramatic. Choose footwear and hosiery carefully--we may show more than "from here up". Pets are welcome, as long as they bring their people.